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Workshop: DevTools with Umar Hansa

This workshop will take you through a deep dive into Chrome DevTools. You know how to console.log and you're comfortable with 'pixel-pushing' in the Styles Pane, but there's a lot more to DevTools under the hood.
This workshop will cover advanced CSS tools & techniques, performance profiling and debugging, mastering the authoring workflow to ensure your development workflow is highly optimised, and more.
You will learn:

  • Tips and tricks for modern developer workflows,
  • Each and every panel within the DevTools,
  • How to conduct a detailed performance analysis of websites,
  • Using DevTools for a web development debugging workflow,
  • Advanced remote debugging techniques,
  • Using DevTools for accessibility improvements,
  • New animation tools and techniques,
  • Short intro to DevTools source code,
  • New and experimental DevTools features and how they can help you.

Tools, workflows and processes are always changing in the front-end landscape and this workshop will arm you with the knowledge to incorporate all of this in your web development journey.

About Umar

Umar is a front-end web developer based in London, with a focus on writing tips, tutorials and documentation for the web platform. One of the projects he plans to explore and share with the community, is using tooling such as the DevTools for an improved development workflow, but also for debugging performance issues.


Voor deze workshop is nog geen (nieuwe) datum gepland. Mocht je geïnteresseerd zijn in de workshop, hou dan het overzicht in de gaten of blijf op de hoogte via RSS en Twitter.