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Fronteers vote for the W3C Technical Architecture Group

In January, W3C members are voting for four seats on the Technical Architecture Group. Since Fronteers is a W3C member, we also have a vote, which our representative Rachel Andrew will cast on behalf of us.

A write up of the W3C TPAC 2019

  • Rachel Andrew
  • 28 oktober 2019

This year the W3C Technical Plenary and Advisory Committee Meeting (TPAC) was held in Fukuoka, Japan. As part of my work representing Fronteers in the W3C I attended the two Advisory Committee (AC) meetings held at TPAC, along with the CSS Working Group meeting days. In this post I will highlight some of the things that might be of interest to Fronteers members. I hope this gives a good overview of the breadth of things discussed.

Fronteers vote for the W3C Advisory Board elections

In May, W3C members are voting for seven seats on the Advisory Board. Since Fronteers is a W3C member, we also have a vote, which our representative Rachel Andrew will cast on behalf of us.

W3C Advisory Committee - initial report

  • Rachel Andrew
  • 8 mei 2019

In April I headed to Quebec City in order to attend my first Advisory Committee (AC) Meeting on behalf on Fronteers. While I have been a CSS Working Group memeber for some time, as an Invited Expert I had no interaction with the AC, so this first meeting was a chance for me to discover how it functions and to start to build a plan for how I should gather information and share that with Fronteers.

Fronteers and W3C - first quarterly report

Last week our W3C representative, Rachel Andrew, came to Amsterdam to talk about her W3C work and give an interesting workshop; essentially giving her first quarterly report. This post gives a quick overview based on the notes I took during the discussion.

Fronteers is W3C lid

Vorige week is Fronteers dan eindelijk officieel lid van W3C geworden, en is Rachel Andrew officieel onze vertegenwoordiger geworden, zoals we hebben besloten op de laatste ALV.

Fronteers als W3C-lid

Het bestuur stelt voor om Fronteers W3C-lid te maken en Rachel Andrew als onze vertegenwoordiger aan te stellen om ons, en ook front-end ontwikkelaars in het algemeen, een stem te geven in de webstandaarden. Dit zal circa 30.000 euro per jaar kosten. Het bestuur zal op de ALV van 19 oktober hierover een motie indienen.